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100 Best Players In The World

The experts have been consulted, the contenders have been discussed, and the arguments have been had (several times over). Now it's here - FourFourTwo's eighth annual countdown of the world's 100 best football players.

FourFourTwo's eighth annual rundown of the planet's premier footballers, the 100 Best Football Players in the World 2014 features a few surprises, but nothing that hasn't been argued long and hard by our global network of experts.

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Why always him? Well, a multi-million pound transfer from AC Milan to Liverpool helps. Balo’s back in the Premier League, but he’s also been boxed down 48 places in this year’s ranking and now teeters on the brink of falling out of the FFT100 completely after what can only be described as an unsatisfactory year. It’s not that Super Mario has been terrible – he hit 18 goals in 41 appearances for Milan last season and scored a World Cup winner for Italy against England, after all. It’s more that, at 24, while still young, Balotelli appears nowhere near realising his true potential. A poor start at Anfield hasn’t helped. JF

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Words Nick Moore, Huw Davies, James Maw, Andrew Murray, Louis MassareSavella

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