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Dream Teams Of The Stars

Discover the greatest elevens in history as chosen by the pros! In Dream Teams of the stars, players both past and present name the greatest players they ever played alongside or went up against as we bring you the best of FFT's Perfect XIs. 

Is there space for Steven Gerrard in Frank Lampard’s midfield? Which former England international makes Bastian Schweinsteiger’s team? Who was the greatest manager David May ever played for? Which rival defender did John Terry most enjoy playing alongside for the national team? Who makes Ronaldinho’s all-star front three? You’ll discover the answer to all these questions and more inside. And that’s not all! As well as bringing together some of the greatest players the world has ever seen in our very own version of Fantasy Football, we’ve also got fascinating in-depth features on some of the game’s biggest legends, from Pele and Maradona to Gazza, while we speak exclusively to the modern masters of Xavi, Modric and Messi, and get the inside story on arguably the greatest manager the world has ever seen. Enjoy!

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