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The Players' Poll

100 pros on racism, money, match-fixing, drugs and more...

Here at FourFourTwo we've talked about carrying out a survey with players for a long time. During those discussions, we asked ourselves a lot of questions. Things like: what should we ask them? What if none of them answer? What if all the answers are rubbish? What if we don't like what we get back?

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But as football, like most walks of life, is filled with 'what ifs' we decided it was time to stop the talking and just get on with the survey. The Players' Poll was off and running.

We compiled a list of 27 statements that range from on-pitch issues like diving and influencing the referee to off-pitch concerns such as depression and recreational drugs. Our next step was to grant anonymity to anyone who completed the poll. Without this, football would have slammed the door in our face.

I think - as I'm sure you will too - that the results are surprising, interesting and occasionally alarming.

At this point, I want to be very clear: we set this poll out so the players could respond how they wished. We picked the statements based on what we felt was important to you as a football fan and also on the basis of issues that have blighted the game this season. This was the players' right of reply. You may not like everything you read, but it's the truth.

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Words David Hall, Editor

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